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My Wordpress plugins

Wordpress hosting benchmark - Wordpress plugin, that can run various tests on your hosting - find out how capable your hosting is. Test CPU speed, memory, storage and network. Compare your results, run as many tests as you like, benchmark all your servers today.

.htaccess Login block

Small plugin, that will track failed login attempts to your Wordpress. When specific IP has failed to login several times, plugin will block access to the Wordpress using block in .htaccess file - this way restricting complete access to the website. Blocking access through .htaccess is one of the most effective and resource friendly ways to protect your website.

Wordpress plugin reviews

My personal thoughts and experience using different Wordpress plugins. If you are developer and would like me to review your plugin - please feel free to contact me.

W3 Total Cache

One of the most popular caching plugins. Massive amount of features, can really do a lot!