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15+ years of hosting-tech experience

Hosting service consists of many different technologies and for last 15 years I've been working with them, learning, configuring, testing. Ask for for best practice and solutions!

Virus and hack cleaning service

Has your page been hacked? Abused?
I can clean it.

PHP and MySQL expert

Programming, error debugging, bottleneck hunting and performance optimizing for your projects.

cPanel expert support

Installing, configuring and cPanel maintenance.
Custom solutions and optimization.

Ready for new challenges

Do you have a task, that you are not sure how to solve? Ask me, I love them!

About me

My name is Anton Aleksandrov. I am 34 years old, serious family man and computer geek. For past 15+ years I've been working as programmer, system administrator and system analyst for different projects. I am expert in the following technologies:

  • Linux server configuration and maintenance
  • cPanel control panel support and optimization
  • PHP programming and security
  • MySQL database optimization
  • JSON and jQuery programming
  • VMWare virtual servers
  • High traffic website optimization
  • 100% uptime solutions

I provide support and help by Email, Phone, Skype and Telegram.

Hosting that we provide

Our service overview

Modern Internet consists of so many different websites. They look differntly, they use different technologies, they have different number of visitors. It's normal, that they require different approach when choosing hosting. That is why we have create several groups and we are sure, that your needs will be satisfied by one of them.

  • Shared hosting - good for most of websites, especially private homepages, blogs and small company website, which does not require extra protection. Good with price, full of ready-to-use featuers.
  • Protected - suggested for website, that are dealing with online payments, have large amount of visitors. Each website is setup independently, taking in account speacial needs.
  • Free - a special case, when we show respect to the website creators and support them with our services.
  • Cloud - our most beloved projects - with extreme high number of visitors, we create clustered solutions. Most of passion!
  • Mail - just mail. Spam protected. Rich of functions. Service, that you depend on.
  • Rent-an-admin - running into troubles with spammers and hackers? Out of solutions? Ask our experts - rent our adminsitrators and let us fix your problems!

Shared hosting

Host your website and blog on a fast server!

Our shared hosting servers are fully equipped with great cPanel - control panel, that lets your have control of your hosting, starting with email accounts, password protected folders, databases.

learn more about cPanel

Hosting with high protection

E-commerce and high-traffic websites would feel good here

Projects, which require higher protection, better care or special technologies, which are not widely used are placed on a servers with custom configuration. This lets us configure web environment exactly as you require.

Most of such projects are placed on dedicate virtual servers, also known as VPS. Such method lets us set and dedicate specific amount of resources (CPU speed, memory amount) to each client and make sure, that different websites do not interfere with others.

Free hosting

Good for other people and society

Are you working on a project, that is public and socially oriented? Project, that is dedicated to serving others and provides something truly valuable? We like that! We would love to support you!

feel free to contact us!

Replicated and clustered

Fat and complicated in setup, but fast for millions!

If one server can not handle all the visitors - it's time to spread the load to several servers!

We can create clusters of webservers, MySQL database clusters, speed up everything with special accelerators and caching servers (which deliver content at lightning speed).

Questions? Need help? Consultation? Yesss!

feel free to contact us!

Email hosting

Something, that is sensitive and matters a lot!

Love letter or contract-of-the-year? Sent to you by email? Oh, then it is very important to get it, store and be safe about it.

Our email-only hosting offer includes dedicated and superb spam filter. You can choose from regular mail hosting or go for Exchange mail, that includes ton of Exchange-enabled services - calendar sync, file sync, group usage. Does this sound interesting?

Rent our admin

Do you run hosting or other similar IT business? May be you just own a server for personal or company needs... and then you just need someone to look after it. Someone, who does not sit in your office playing games, someone, who does not eat up all the food in a fridge, someone who is there when you need.

We offer you to rent our administrators. Sign a contract with us and we will look after your server rig, no matter big or small. Hourly rate lets your pay for actual work, different options (e.g. regular monitoring, backup, upgrades) let you push boring tasks to others, custom solutions would help you run your business!

Rent admin

If you have hosting company, private project with dedicated server or simply a webpage, that requires attention, you can hire me for very delicate tasks:

  • regular upgrades and service monitoring;
  • spam and hacked website isolation, cleaning and fixing;
  • 100% confidential and secure;
  • incremental MySQL database backup to secure remote destination;
  • custom solutions for critical services;
  • project and customer support.

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